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Runescape is a massivley multiplayer online RPG.Over thousands of people can play it simultaniously! With quests to complete,people to talk to,money to make,Runescape will keep you glued to your computer seat for hours! (Unless your annoying older sister wants to call her boyfriend...)

Story- 7/10
Runescape doesn't really have a story.Each character decides there own destiny.You can become a master chef,or the greatest archer that ever lived.It all depends on how you play the game.The quests in the game give it a little story,but not much.Don't take me wrong,it's still a great game,(I wouldn't have made a website about it if it wasn't :p),and even after all the quests are done,you can still improve,still get better.Thats what makes this game so great!
Graphics- 8/10 I know the graphics aren't perfect,(especially since the release of the PS2, XBox,and Gamecube.),but they are charming in there own way.I think they go great with the scenery and backgrounds in the game.Also,Runescape staff has announced that they are updating Runescape to full 3D,(they will look kind of like what the character models look like in Final Fantasy VII),and I think this is great!I hope they will let us use the arrow keys to walk around instead of using the mouse.
Control- 7/10
The control isn't that bad.You use the mouse to point where you want to go and you click it to go there.I would prefer to use the arrow keys,(thats the way i'm used to playing computer games),but still the control is not bad at all.
Sound- 5/10
Although the sound effects are a nice little bonus, they really aren't that great. You'll hear the sound of swords clashing as you fight, food sizzling on the stove or a door creaking open. I would have liked to see better sound effects, like the sound of birds flying over or lesser demons occasionaly roaring in the pit.
Replay Value- 9/10
Runescape is a highly addictive game,alot of people play it almost everyday! But there are some days when you say to yourself,"I don't really feel like it today",and other days when your saying,"I WISH THEY WOULD GET OFF THE PHONE SO I COULD PLAY RUNESCAPE!!" But you will usually find yourself wanting to play Runescape the second you wake up.
Overall- 8/10
Runescape is a great game,but I don't think it deserves a perfect 10.But still,this game is extremely addictive and you wont want to stop playing!!!
Written on 8/9/02