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Difficulty- Medium

Start: Go in Camelot Castle it is North after you pass white wolf mountain.

  •  Start: Go to Camelot and find Camelot Castle, where you will find King Arthur. Talk to him and ask for a quest. He will tell you about Merlin trapped inside a Crystal. King Arthur will tell you to talk to the other guards there.
  • Knight Lancelot: He's no help really to you but talk to the other knights and they will tell you about the Sorceress. The Sorceress is the person responsible for putting Merlin into the Crystal. You also told how to stow a boat to get in the back way of Keep Lefaye.
  • To stow away on boat: You need to go to Catherby where there's a fishing spot, where there is a Merchant there. To get on the Merchants boat, you need a friend to distract him.
  • Find the Sorceress: Now you at Keep Lefaye, fight your way up to the top of the stairs. Attack a Level 58 enemy and the Sorceress will appear. She will asked you to save her son's life and you tell Sorceress that you will if she tells you how to free Merlin from the Crystal. She tells you how to do it and then you can use ladder in that room to get out.
  • Excalibur (The Knight's Sword): To find the Excalibur , you must talked to the Sorceress first. Go and see the Lady of the Lake near Taverley. You need to prove that you are worthy of wielding the Excalibur. She will also tell you to go to jewellery Shop in Port Sarim.
  • Jewellery Shop: To get into the jewellery shop you must first get a loaf of bread and give it to the bugger outside the shop. Now you can enter the shop and go upstairs. There you will see Lady of the Lake again and she will give you the excalibur.
  • Bat Bones: The Sorceress would of told you that you need Bat bones and a Black Candle. Bat Bones are easy to get and are flying around outside Keep Lefraye. Just kill them to get the bones required.
  • Black Candle: You need a bucket that you can get from the Merchant and then look around the houses there and find Repellent Spray. This you will need to help you to get the Wax! Go to beehives and use Repellent Spray on yourself and then use bucket on Hives to get the Wax. Go to Candle maker in Catherby and he will make you a Black Candle. Make Sure you Light the Candle
  • Magic Words: You need to go Wilderness Level 12 from Varrock and go to the altar. There you will find the secret Magic Words.
  • The Demon: Now you have the magic words, Black Candle and Bat Bones, you can go back to Camelot Castle and round the side of there, you will see a pentagram symbol. Drop the Bat Bones onto it and the Demon will appear. Now you must choose the right Magic Words which you got from the altar earlier. This will bound him and you will instruct the Demon to enable Merlin to be released.
  • Releasing Merlin from Crystal: After you have Bound the Demon you can now go to Marlin's Crystal. Now use Excalibur on the Crystal to release Merlin. The Crystal breaks and releases him. He then thanks you.
  • Claiming you Reward: Go back to speak to King Arthur and he will Knight you and give you 6 Quests points!.
  • Reward: 6 quest points and Excalibur Sword.