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Welcome to the Runescape Underworld! In this area, you will find useful information to aid you in your quest to become the strongest warrior in the world of Runescape. We will teach you how to make an anchovie pizza, or what level you need to be to make a mithril chain mail. So join us,and you'll learn turning to the dark side isn't always a bad thing!

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6/13/04- My Final Update. Over the past three years working on this site, I never expected it to get nearly as far as it has. But I'm afraid that I will no longer work on The Runescape Underworld. I appreciate everyone that came to my site and made my site what it is. I will still check in on the forums from time to time, but as far as site updates go, I'm finished. Feel free to continue visiting the site and using the strategy guides. I wish you all the best, farewell.
~David aka RSUW


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