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In this section,I will list the people that have been a help to new characters,(I hate saying the word "noob",everyone is new at one point and we shouldn't have a word seperating different people,especially since it's just a game),or have donated money to someone who died,etc. Also,do not badger these people for money or items,I've only listed there names so that they can be recognised as good people.

yuen -This character gives items,(bronze armor,iron weapons,etc.),and money to new characters in Runescape.He has earned the title as a nice person!
Clip Hitce-This character shares my belief that the word "noob" is wrong. He has given full steel and bars to new-comers, and has even given away free rune battle axes! He has earned the title as a nice person!
Fisherswoman- Gave full armor and Mithril 2-Handed Sword to a newcomer.
Krazykunit-Helps out people and even gives some people things for free.

buckbonkers-An extremely powerful character who listens to people and gives advice and items.

Pepeto 3166-He gave 2,000 gp, steel helmet, steel upper body armor, and a long steel sword to a new-comer.

Seamus11298- This person personally gave me more things than most people would. Because of this, we honor Seamus as one of our "Nice People".