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The Runescape Underworld
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On this page,im going to list the names of characters that have tried to scam other people,have used racial of terroristic words,or have just been a pain to many people on Runescape.If you think I have falseley added your name to my list,or you would like to add a name,contact me in the "contact me" section of this website.

1.Lord Xeen

Reason:This character used racial expressions,and I don't think that is appropriate in reality or in Runescape.


2.Osama is god

Reason:His name basically says it all,he kept saying "America sux,"and that is WAY inappropriate!


3.Jesus sux

Reason:Since I'm a christian,this person REALLY offended me,I hope someone kills him in the wilderness.He kept saying that he was a "satinist" and that he hated god.He also kept repeating his name.


4.Dark  Frost (Please note there are two spaces in his name)

Reason:He also kept saying that he worshipped Osama Bin Laden,and he deserves to die in the wilderness.


5.mith blad

Reason:This person makes friends with you and then when you trust him he takes your stuff and he also uses profanity at you.