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The Runescape Underworld
Ways to make money
Mining and Smithing
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Ways to make money
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Here is a useful guide that will teach you new-comers and even you veterans out there how to make some spare change.

(See our Crafting section and our Mining and Smithing section)
2.Mining and Smithing
(See our Mining and Smithing section)
3.Explore dangerous areas
Many people die in areas like the Wilderness and Crandor Isle. I suggest if you go into these kind of area you better not bring your armor, and bring some food and recharge your prayer.
4.Sell food
Selling food in places like the ones listed above is a great way to make money.It doesn't matter how high you make your food,there will always be someone desperate enough to buy.
5.Become a PKer or a bounty hunter
I know this may sound kind of bad, but it is actually a good way to make money.People will pay lots of money to see someone dead.Being a PKer is a great buisness, you can kill people in the wilderness and take there stuff! ( I know I made myself out as a nice person, but that's what the wilderness is there for, isn't it.....)
This is kind of a low way to get stuff but sometimes it works. Tips are to go into a crowded area like Varrock Square and just start asking in colored text. Most of the time people will get mad at you and you'll get a lot of "noob"'s but it works...