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Here is a list of recipes that will keep you fighting!

Flour, Dough and Bread

You will need to be able to make dough to make bread, pies, and pizzas.

  1. Pick some wheat to get grain, and get a pot for every grain you have.
  2. Go to the windmill northwest of Lumbridge, or, if you can get in, go to the cooks guild.
  3. Go to the top floor of the windmill and use the grain with the hopper, then operate the hopper. Repeat for every grain you have (do not put more than one grain on the hopper before you operate it).
  4. Go to the first floor of the windmill and put each flour in a pot. If you don't put the flour in a pot, it will disappear after about four minutes.
  5. To make dough, fill a jug or bucket with water and use the water with the flour.
  6. Select bread, pastry, or pizza dough, depending on what you are going to make. If you are making bread, cook the dough on a stove.

Redberry, Meat, and Apple Pie

  1. Make pastry dough.
  2. Get a pie dish and put the dough in the pie dish.
  3. Get your filling (redberries, cooked meat, or cooking apple), and put it in the pie.
  4. Cook the pie on a stove. If you burn the pie, you can reuse the pie dish by emptying it.

You need a cooking level of 10 to make redberry pie. Redberries are found southeast of Varrock. Meat pie requires a cooking level of 20, and apple pie is level 30. However, cooking apples are found only in the cook's guild, which requires level 32 to get in. You need a crafting level of 3 to make a pie dish.


  1. Get a bowl and put water in it.
  2. Put a potato (available in some farm fields) and cooked meat in the bowl. 
  3. Cook the stew on a stove or a fire. If you burn the stew, you can empty the bowl and reuse it.

You need a cooking level of 25 to make stew. You need level 5 crafting if you want to make the bowl (or get it from the cooks guild).

Pizza (Plain, Meat, and Anchovy)

  1. Make pizza dough.
  2. Buy a tomato and cheese at the food store in Port Sarim, or get them in the house in Draynor Village. Put the tomato on the pizza, then the cheese. Cook the pizza on a stove.
  3. If your cooking level is high enough, you can add cooked meat or cooked anchovies. Note that the hard part of making pizza is cooking the pizza, and you cannot ruin the pizza by adding meat or anchovies.

Plain pizza requires a skill level of 35, meat pizza is level 45, and anchovy pizza is level 55. Anchovies require level 15 fishing to catch (with a net in the ocean).


  1. Fill a jug with water. You can't use a bucket to make wine.
  2. Get some grapes from the cooks guild and use them with the water. You will have either regular wine or bad wine. You can still drink the bad wine but it will not restore hit points. The only way to reuse your jug if you make bad wine is to drink the bad wine.

Wine requires a cooking level of 35, and you need a chef's hat to get grapes from the cook's guild. This is the only food that you can make entirely from items available in the cooks guild, so it is a good way to build up your cooking level once you have reached level 35.

Cake (Plain and Chocolate)

  1. Get a cake tin from the cooks guild and a bucket.
  2. Make flour.
  3. Get an egg from a chicken farm, and put milk in your bucket.
  4. Mix the egg, flour, and milk into the cake tin.
  5. Cook the cake on a stove. After the cake is cooked, it is no longer in the cake tin, so you can reuse the tin for the next cake. Be sure your inventory has room for both the cake and tin, or you will drop the cake.
  6. If your cooking level is high enough, you can add chocolate to the cake (available in the cooks guild or food store).

You need a cooking level of 40 to make plain cake, and 50 for chocolate cake.