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The Runescape Underworld
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Difficulty- Easy

Talking to Kaqemeex in Druid's Stone circle and ask him for a quest. As you pass Doric gate to members section head north.
  • Where to find Safnew: Kaqemeex tells you to talk to Safnew. To find Safnew, go south to Taverley and you see him wandering around there.
  • Types of Meat: Safnew will tell you he needs raw meat. These are rat meat, chicken meat, bear meat and cow meat. Then these 4 meats have to be dipped into Cauldron of Thunder
  • Cauldron of Thunder: To find Cauldron of Thunder, you must go back to Taverley and then travel south and you reach a area of tress. There is a ladder there. Travel along the corridor and you will see 2 monsters named Suits of Armour. Go in the door between them but be careful one of the Suits of Armour will attack you, he is level 29 monster. After you through the door, you will see the Cauldron of Thunder. Use all the four meats with the Cauldron of Thunder.
  • To finish the Quest: Go back to Safnew. He will take the meat and then tell you to visit Karameex. He is at the Druid Circle. He will teach you about Herblaw.

Reward: 250 experience in herblaw ( you go to 3rd lvl), ability to use herblaw skills, 4 Quest points.